A look back on 2017’s Sewing Goals

I cannot believe that there is only two weeks left in 2017! This year was an absolute whirlwind and so, so much changed for me that I am actually a little sad to see it come to and end. I started a full-time career that I am passionate about and love (while keeping my previous part-time employment as well), purchased my first car all on my own, moved, got a dog, started testing PDF sewing patterns, and mastered so many new sewing skills. It was, personally, one of my best years yet. It was also, incredibly busy and at times quite hectic which meant I didn’t get all of the sewing time I would have really liked and I didn’t get to all of the projects I originally thought I would. Oh well!

So as the year comes to an end I wanted to take a moment to look back on all of the grand sewing plans I had for the year, see what I accomplished and what I didn’t, and start thinking about where I want to go with my sewing in 2018.

  1. A Sampler Quilt – yeah no… I had originally intended to follow SewCanShe’s mini quilt of the month series but only got through January before I got distracted and moved on.
  2. A Custom Designed Quilt – This I did! I actually made two, both holiday inspired. They are fairly simple projects and block based but I love them both. I may do posts on them soon but I am still unsure (because getting good pictures of quilts is actually pretty hard).
  3. A sewing Machine Cover – Check! Although of course after I made the sewing machine cover I bought a serger that I never made a cover for
  4. A Whole Host of Work Clothes – This I did so well that I may have gone a bit over board actually. I made so many different outfits that I am almost exclusively wearing handmade now which is amazing!
  5. A Briefcase – Yeah I totally forgot about this one, whoopsie! I actually bought a bag that is serving this purpose that has been functional enough I haven’t felt the need to make something else.
  6. A Camera Case – Yeah I didn’t do this one either and I literally have no excuse. I thought about it every time we went to take pictures of all of my other sewing projects but I never actually mustered up the ambition to make a new camera bag.

I accomplished 3 out of 6 things on my sewing to do list for 2017.. That’s not a very good average.

What is really humorous to me is that I literally did so much sewing. Nearly every day I was on my sewing machine but my priorities started changing so much throughout the year that I guess the types of projects that i was finding myself drawn too weren’t what I thought they would be in the beginning of the year. I guess that’s the down side of goals, when your life changes your goals change but its still hard to feel  like a “failure” when you dont reach the goals you publicly set for yourself.

But you know what, even if I didn’t accomplish all that I had originally planned I had am amazing year and I made so many things that I am just plain proud of that I am still going to call the year a win.

And my lack of success with my 2017 goals is not going to stop me form setting some fairly lofty goals for 2018, check back Thursday to see what they are!

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