Can I spend a whole year without buying any new clothes?

The new year is here and with it the new years resolutions! I made quite a few for myself. As per usual, some of which are more realistic than others if I am being completely honest but one of the biggest challenges I have given myself for this year is avoiding purchasing nay new clothing items for myself. Instead I will be attempting to sew all of the clothing items I need throughout the year (and probably a couple of more).

I can count on one hard the number of clothing items I purchased last year, both new and from a thrift store, so I am not sure how much of a true “challenge” this will be for me, but more of a conscious effort to avoid purchasing from  a fast fashion clothing system that it broken in so many ways.

I did think of having one last hurrah and heading to the mall for a mini shopping spree last weekend but really couldn’t think of anything I needed enough to spend my hard-earned money on. Plus the trials of searching for, picking, and trying clothing items that probably wont fit in the end anywhere didn’t feel like a good use of my time.

To help keep myself accountable throughout the year I joined an official challenge, hosted by Goodbye Valentino, and a group of over a thousand other individuals across the world who are also choosing not to buy any new clothing through the year. The only change to the official challenge rules for myself is that I am also not allowing myself to buy any undergarments throughout the year, something that is permitted as an exception to not buying any clothing. Instead I am teaching myself to make my own underthings as well as clothing. I have already made a few bras and am loving the process of learning a new sewing skill.

I am so excited for this new chapter in my sewing journey and to keep expanding the me-made side of my wardrobe! Happy Sewing!

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