CWE: A plethora of Lane Raglans (+pattern review)

The Hey June Lane Raglan has quickly become one of my favorite patterns! I have made three so far and plan to make a few more in the next couple of weeks (or months) if time allows. It is a super quick and easy sew and, depending on what material you choose, can look and feel super casual or super dressy.

My three versions range that whole spectrum with a super casual version made from $4.99 white knit fabric form hobby, a mid level casual grey version with a heathered jersey from a local fabric outlet, and dressy camel version made from a think ponte knit purchased at my local JoAnn fabrics.

The camel dressy version was the first one I made and unfortunately I was in a rush and messed up, cutting my pieces opposite the knit stretch instead of with it. It is a little snug right now but if I ever drop even just a few pounds I think it would fit perfectly. 

One of my absolute favorite things about this pattern is that is comes with a traditional version and a second version featuring a full bust adjustment. As someone with a substantially sized chest that fact immediately drew me to this pattern. Most patterns are drafted for someone with a b cup and that is definitely not me, meaning there are very few patterns that I can make and get away with not doing a full  bust adjustment. Being able to skip that step with this pattern made me the happiest of campers!

The grey version and the white versions that I made have been worn quite often since they made it into my closet. The neckline of the white version has stretched out quite a bit since I first made it, I am assuming because of the cheap fabric, but I am actually liking how it looks. The larger neckline makes it look even slouchy-ier (is that a word? I dont think it is…). The fabric it was made of is quite sheer and was a pain in the butt to work with. I ended up having to cut two fronts and two backs from the fabric and and layer them to help make it less sheer and while it helped, I still do not think I could get away with not wearing a tank top under it. I would highly recommend staying far away from Hobby Lobby knits to anyone not completely comfortable with sewing knits because of how much it moves and stretches.

Overall I would highly recommend this pattern to a person new to sewing clothes and knits and a more experienced person as well. The shape and style of it make it the perfect, flexible pattern I needed in my collection. In the fall I am hoping to make the hoodie version of the pattern and If I do I will have to update how that goes!

Special shout out to my Love for taking all of these photos, always humoring me, and snapping the most flattering of candids

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