Fall 2017 P4P and M4M Capsule Contest

Whoo buddy has this project been an adventure!

In case you aren’t in the Patterns for Pirates or Made for Mermaids pattern groups on Facebook (which is silly because OF COURSE you are right??) the fall 2017 #sewminicapsule contest is just wrapping up.  You can read more about the contest here, but basically the point is to use the patterns from those designers only to make a mini capsule wardrobe. I talked a lot more about the process of planning such a capsule in a previous post (which you so should go read if you struggled at all with planning a capsule wardrobe!) and wanted to share the fruits of my labor, if you will, the product of my efforts, and the rewards from my sewing struggles, my 2017 mini fall capsule wardrobe!!

Lets start with a quick break down of all my nine pieces! You’ll see they are all very simple and go really well together, which is the magic of all of the planning we did previously (see what I did there??). This is literally my perfect casual fall wardrobe and I am so beyond smitten!

Top one: Long sleeve v-neck Mama Ava in a jersey knit from Walmart

Top two: Long sleeve v-neck Mama Ava in DBP from So Sew English

Top three: Long sleeve Sunshine in a spandex jersey from FabricMart

Bottom one: Black Peg Legs in a thick ponte from JoAnn’s

Bottom two: Green Peg Legs in DBP from Knitpop

Bottom three: Denim SOS Pants in a modal, spandex jegging denim from JoAnn’s

Layer one: Black Grandpa Cardi in french terry from Knitpop

Layer two: White Grandpa Cardi in DBP from Knitpop

Layer three: Green Grandpa Cardi in herringbone Platitudes flannel from JoAnn’s

Now they may not look like a whole lot hanging on their hangers but from these nine pieces I was able to make 36 unique outfits, ranging from things I would wear to work to things I would wear to go get groceries. That is over a months worth of outfits from just nine pieces of clothing!! Plus they are all super comfortable, flattering, and functional. All three things that I require from any piece of clothing that is going to enter my closet. Take a peak at my outfits below!
So worth all of the effort I put into planning the capsule!


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