Get Organized in 2018 with FREE Sewing Printables

Ya’ll. I am so excited about this I cannot even describe it. Literally, so excited! Over the last couple of days I have been working intensely on creating a whole new type of sewing freebie for you all and they are finally ready for release! So get excited too!

Can you guess what they are!?!

I mean probably if you read the title of this post but in case you cant, it is free sewing organization printables!

So as of today, those who subscribe to SEWUPRISING by email now have access to this great new resource to print and use as many times as they would like, four of them to be exact!

The grouping includes a pattern keeper to use as a quick reference of all of the sewing patterns you own, a pattern card to keep all of the information for a pattern in one place, a project worksheet to guide you through your projects from start to finish, and a matching page to keep track of all of your thoughts, ideas, and plans for your sewing!

You can subscribe either by the pop up opt in form or in the form below, both will work just the same!


I had so much fun creating these new sewing freebies that I made extra ones, a lot of extra ones! Everything from sheets to help you keep track of all of the fabric you have on the way from your favorite sheets to pages to track and inventory your entire fabric stash. All of these extras are available for easy download from the SEWUPRISING Etsy shop in a XL bundle!


But I wasn’t stopping there either! There is also a grouping of quilt specific sewing printables, including one to keep track of all of your gorgeous makes and keep those memories with you even when the quilts have been given to new loving homes. But my favorites of the quilt packs are the multiple pages of specially designed graph paper for sketching out quilt and block ideas, I have seven pages full already! Its like adult coloring, but for quilts!

So happy sewing! and if you use my free printables, let me know what you think down below!

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