Giftables Month: Dolly Clothes

Welcome to the first day of giftables month! I have been doing a lot of selfish sewing lately but its time to kick my butt into high gear and get sewing for everyone else but of course you’re coming on this journey with me! And were starting with the tween girls in my life, who are both getting brand new, trendy outfits for their American Girl Dolls.

I loved American Girl dolls when I was younger and I had three of them, Samantha, Kaya, and a Bitty Baby, and I had so many outfits for them it was slightly ridiculous. Most of those outfits where store-bought however and not of the best quality. Hems would come undone, Velcro would come of and if I wasn’t careful with some of the pieces of clothing armsyces would rip when I tried to change the doll’s outfits. Luckily, I can now sew better clothing for the two little girls in my life that are equally as obsessed with their American Girl Dolls.

To make it a little bit easier I am making the same outfits for each girl (they’re on totally opposite sides of the family so they will never know!) and they’re each getting three custom outfits (which would cost me over $100 total per girl buying them from the store, no thank you!) that I was to make compeletly from the scraps of outfits I have made myself in the past. In fact each outfit is a tiny replica of an outfit I actually own!

I used all Made for Mermaids patterns for this outfits and used the blog hack to remove Velco from the dresses and t shirts to make it even easier and all of the pieces are in really stretchy knit fabrics so they dont really need the velcro anyway. Because we are balling on a budget this holiday season I picked only the most versatile patterns (one of which was free!) and made sure to utilize all of the different options to make fun, and unique outfits for the dolls.

Patterns used: Dolly Nina, Dolly Darcey, Dolly Bonny Leggings

Time committed: about 45 minutes/ per outfit



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