Let’s Try This Again: 2018 Sewing “Goals”

In case you missed it, I failed miserably at reaching my 2017 sewing goals but don’t think that is going to stop me from setting even harder goals for 2018. And even though I didn’t make all of the things that I had originally planned to for 2017, it was still a great year for me, both in my personal life and with my sewing, that I can’t even be upset that I fell short of my goals. Here is hoping that 2018 is another banner year

No Purchasing Store Sold Clothing – I signed up for the 2018 Ready-to-Wear fast being sponsored by Goodbye Valentino about a month ago now and I am so incredibly excited for it! You can read the full details of the challenge on the Goodbye Valentino website but in a really tiny nutshell the challenge is to make all of the clothing you need for the year and not buy anything new. I’ll be talking a bit more about how I plan to accomplish this in a few days to check back soon! 

Learn to Make my own Bras – I started sewing bras about two months ago but I really want to perfect the skill in 2018! The struggle to find a bra that fit well from a store, no matter the price point, and trust me I spent some money trying “the best of the best”, is what spurred me into bra making in the beginning but now it has become an addiction, I swear! It is also really challenging, as far as fit, engineering, and perfect construction compared to a lot of other sewing projects which has been a welcome change and challenge from sewing mostly clothing

Home Sewn Workout Gear – This one is branching off of my yearly, yet never accomplished, life goal of getting myself in better shape. This year I am hoping some new threads will get me motivated to get my butt in motion. I’m not holding my breath now.

Even More Quilts – I want to keep working on my quilting skills (I swear perfect quilting has been the hardest sewing skill for me to master, I just can’t find the patience anywhere) and work on sewing up a couple of quilts this year (lets say two to keep it easy on myself). A few friends have little humans on the way so I am thinking some baby quilts may be the way to go with this one but only time shall tell!

And that is about it I guess.. It’s not a very long or a very detailed list this time, more of just a few guiding ideas of where I want to go with my sewing in 2018. I am hoping this may make it a bit easier to actually reach my goals this year.


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