My eight favorite online fabric shops!

So a few days ago we talked about my favorite free clothing patterns (ten of them to be exact) for women. It is by no means an exhaustive list but it truly sums up some of my favorite clothing patterns. If you missed it, I highly recommend you check it out! But the question remaining after that post is where is the best places to buy fabric for all of those amazing fabrics?

There are a lot of places to buy fabric. and I do mean A Lot of places. Some of them are pretty big, some are small, some have brick and mortar store, some are primarily online. I buy from all of these places and tend to buy different fabrics from different types of shops on the regular but its hard not to play favorites. And in that spirit I want to talk about my favorite online fabric shops today.

Fabric from Knit Pop

I love to buy from these shops because they are all fairly small, relative to the large brick and mortar chain fabric stores, and I love to support other makers whenever I can. Most of these shops were started by people who have a love for sewing and wanted to share the best of that love with others. They also are all have amazing customer support and bustling Facebook groups dedicated just to the fabric company. That means its SUPER easy to ask questions about the fabric, find coordinates and get inspiration for how everyone else is using the fabric you have your eye on. Most of them also have insanely fast shipping which is always a bonus!

Ill stop babbling now and just get right to it, here are my 8 favorite online fabric shops (and what I love to buy most from each shop because I know it can get totally over whelming, you’re welcome!)

  1. Knit Pop – What I purchase most: DBP solids, yoga knits (THE best for leggings) This is always my #1 shop
  2. So Sew English – What I purchase most: DBP prints
  3. Bow Button Fabrics – What I purchase most: athletic DBP
  4. Sly Fox Fabrics – What I purchase most: a little bit of everything
  5. Mily Mae Fabrics – What I purchase most: distressed knits
  6. Phee Fabrics – What I purchase most: circular knit
  7. Zenith and Quasar – What I purchase most: heavy supplex, swim
  8. Piccadilly Textile Corp – What I purchase most: fun custom prints with a feminist flair

Where do you love to buy your fabric? Share a link in the comments below so we can all spread the fabric love!

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