New Pattern Release: M4M Bridgette and Victoria

Get ready for a whole lot of me ya’ll because we are getting real up close and personal with this one! Its been a hot minute since we talked about a new pattern release so we might as well make this a two-fer and do it up right, with lingerie patterns to boot!

Made for Mermaids just released two new patterns, Bridgette and Victoria! Bridgette is a bralette and nightie pattern and Victoria is the panties to match! These are the first two patterns in their new Lounge and Lace collection and let me tell you they are both quick, easy, and super addicting. Like I made seventeen pairs of undies and four bralettes in two weeks addicting (talk about a scrap buster!)My favorite by far of all of my makes is a crushed velvet nightie. I used a stretch lace trim to finish off all of the raw edges which makes it incredibly comfortable and easy to relax in. The racer back helps give it a decent bit of support as well, a must when you are as *blessed* up top as I am. I don’t have a picture but underneath there is a matching pair of crushed velvet cheekies.

Sidenote: I have to be the last sewist to the crushed velvet party and man oh man was I missing out! Why did no one tell me how amazing it is!? (If you tried and I ignored you I’m sorry, I’m just stubborn, okay, I can’t help it!)
Next up is another racer-back Bridgette, but this time in a bralette version! I love, love this one too! Especially for under all of my favorite dip back and low back tops! I have a bra out of the exact same lace and I have been pairing the two constantly.Since the lace I used for this is so delicate I lined the cups and back band with a nude power mesh. I just a light weight version to keep the bralette ultra comfortable but I still think it make all the difference in how stunning this piece turned out!
  And of course a matching pair of cheekie Victorias because I have a problem and cant leave well enough alone! This is 8 inch lace, by the way, and the Victoria patterns comes with instruction for using both six-inch and eight inch lace. as well as traditional fabric which is then finished with lace or picot elastic. Time to get saucy!

We have talked about the cheekies a couple of times now but what about the Victoria thong you might be asking. Well here it is and it is perfection in a little lacy bundle! More comfortable, and infinitely higher quality, than anything I have purchased from a store I am in love with this little number right here. In fact Victoria thongs are what I have been sewing the most of in the last couple of weeks. 

I got fancy with my beloved Vicotria’s matching Bridgette and paled with  a lace over lay on the inner portion of the cup. The outer cup and “lining” of the inner cup, along with the back band, are both more crushed velvet (It is seriously so soft you all I can’t) but the rest is all stretch lace. I am in love with the way the textures play off each other and this is by far the most supportive Bridgette I made. I’m chalking that up to the fact that it has a full back! (bonus: this one covers bra straps!)






While they might look intimidating these patterns are all beginner friendly and a great way to dip your toe into lingerie making if you may be like me and a bit nervous to work with these sometimes difficult and often unfamiliar fabrics. Not ready to take my word for it? Made for Mermaids is doing a sewalong for these two patterns in their Facebook group starting February 5th! Its perfect timing to help you get your sets complete before Valentines day!

So ta-da for now, I am off to buy more lace, after all we have a sewalong to get to ladies! And don’t forget to pick up your patterns while they are on sale from the Made for Mermaids site!!

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