Noodlehead Range Backpack: A Pattern Review

Anyone else notice that I have been sewing A LOT of clothing lately?! Because boy have I and
I am starting to get a little low on hangers in my already jam packed closet and my quilting cottons were looking a little too neglected for my taste.

A change of pace and a creative refresh was more than in order if you ask me and that is just what I got when I whipped up the Noodlehead Range backpack a few days back. This is a new pattern release from a designer that I have had really good luck with before so when I saw that this one pattern was released I jumped on it quicker than a golden retriever can roll over in a mud puddle (which is pretty darn quick if you have been lucky enough to never experience that great joy).

Looking at the pattern I knew I could easily make the perfect, gender-neutral fair-going/hiking bag from it that I have been intending to make for the entire summer at this point but never actually got around to making (because I got distracted by all of the clothing and you know, actually being outside. My bad). The only changes I wanted to make to the pattern was switching it to have two draw strap closures that were centered on the front of the bag instead of the one the pattern calls for (because we tend to be really rough with our bags and need the extra security) and wider set straps to accommodate for the Boy’s wide shoulders.

Turns out that these two changes coordinated really well together and I just put the closure straps on the outside of the hang loop and the straps on the outside of the closure straps, widening the width between the straps by a total of about 2 inches, which ended up being perfect!

All said and done this bag took about four hours to make from cutting to the final pressing and about $40 worth of materials. The main exterior I used a quilting cotton print for but the contrast bottom I made out of duck cloth so it would be extra sturdy and durable and it is a fantastic combination in my own, completely biased opinion! The lining is just Kona black quilting cotton ( one of my favorite go-tos and the truest black quilting cotton I have ever found).

Overall I am very pleased with both this pattern and the finished bag! The instructions were clear and concise with easy to follow pictures and the printable pattern piece labels that were included are completely a life saver. I really wish more bag patterns had printable pattern piece labels included because I honestly spend most of the time spent on any bag just shifting through all of the little rectangles of fabric and triple checking to make sure I have the right one at any given point ( and then swearing at the little rectangles and then just cutting new ones when I ultimately give up on trying to find the right one).

I would say this could be a great bag for a confident beginner to start with. The simple design and classic lines are easily completed but look incredibly professional when done with patience and the finished product is a real confidence booster. Plus the quick make time is always a plus!

Pattern: Range Back Pack 

Designer: Noodle Head 

Size Made: N/A

Documentaries watched while sewing: Three (for a total of about four hours worth of documentations describing the benefits of eating plant based, which were endlessly thrilling..)

Fabric: Quilting cotton (inside and exterior main), duck cloth (contrast bottom)

Will I make it again?: I do think so! Although I am not sure how many backpacks one actually needs I had a blast making this one and could see it as being a great gift-able sew

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