One Simple Trick to Fleece Tie Blankets that Last!

Fleece tie blankets are a staple around both my apartment and my parents house. We have dozens of blankets in a seemingly endless supply with wide variety of patterns. We love them, and judging by the disaster zone that is Joanne Fabrics whenever there is a 50% off sale on fleece and the bolts and bolts of fleece my local store has stockpiled literally to the ceiling, it seems like everyone else loves them too!

Over the  years I have made numerous tie blankets for personal use, and even more for gifts. I have gotten to the point where I can knock out a two and a half yard fleece tie blanket In about an hour, while only giving myself minimal blisters. I have one quick trick to making the blankets so quickly but also giving them extra durability and ensuring that they last through years of use at the same time.

What’s this trick you ask? Well its pretty simple, I sew my tie blankets.



Yep you read that tonight. Before I begin to tie my blanket I sew the layers together.


After I trim the excess off of my fleece and trim the two layers of fleece to the same size I lay them both out on the ground and spread them out on the ground, much like I would do for a traditional fleece tie blanket, but then I pin generously all over. I then take to my sewing machine and sew all around the outside of the soon-to-be blanket using the longest straight stitch my machine has to ensure the fabric will still stretch like its supposed to.


Typically I sew four inches from the edge but you can customize that based on how you want your finished blanket to turn out by deciding on your tie length, typically three inches for me, and adding one extra inch and then sewing at that length. Then its just the normal tie blanket procedure from there!


So that’s it, that’s the trick. It takes about five minutes but the blankets just last so much better when they have the extra reinforcement of the stitching. They wash better, they lay better and they stay much cleaner without having the space to allow crumbs, dust, or other things inside the layers of the blankets.


Do you have other tricks for better tie blankets? If you so I would love to hear them as I still have quite a few tie blankets in the works!

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