Pattern Review (and hack!): Sew Sweetness Tudor Bag

There is something about a great tote bag that makes me unbelievably happy. I have a great love of carrying them, filling them, and even sewing them, although sewing a tote bag can sometimes be a process in and of itself. Life has been so crazy busy lately that when I was looking for a somewhat quick tote bag project to make, I immediately though of the Sew Sweetness Tudor bag, a pattern that has been on my sewing to-make list for quite a while.

I loved how classic the lines of this bag were, the relative easiness of the construction, and just how practical and versatile the finished bag could be. And now that the bag is done I love all of those things even more!

I chose to use the adjustable strap and zippered closure options in my bag but the pattern also has options for snap closures and many other features that make it truly easy to make a bug that what works for you. As for the fabric, the flowered printed fabric that I used for the bag accents is a replica of one of my most favorite Lilly Pulitzer patterns and was purchased at Hobby Lobby and the two grey prints are both from the Quilter’s Showcase line at Joann’s. They were all very inexpensive fabrics but I loved how they looked together and the finished feel they give the bag: light, happy, preppy, modern, and put together.

When I was making my bag I made just one alteration to put a large slip pocket on the outside back. I ADORE slip pockets and look for them on almost every bag I make or buy as a quick access spot to drop my phone keys, or other quickly needed items. This bag pattern has plenty of slip pockets on the inside of the bag but I’m greedy and wanted one on the outside as well.

I used the flower printed accent fabric to make this outside slip pocket and was able to make it from the leftover accent fabric after I cut out all of the other pattern pieces. I documented the addition of the slip product and you can find the details on the quick addition under the tutorial below.

Overall I really enjoyed making this pattern and I think that it would be the perfect project for someone who is just getting into bag making and wants to test their skills without going too far. I also think that this would be a very easily gift-able bag as it would work for a student, mom, business women, or as a travel bag. It really is just endlessly versatile and a fun bag to sew.


Materials needed 

1 Accent fabric

1 Medium Weight fusible interfacing ( I used Pellon 809)


  1. Apply fusible interfacing to the wrong side of the accent fabric piece
  2. Fold in half width wise so the piece now measures . Press well 
  3. Top stitch across the folded side, 3/8 of an inch from the edge. Press again. 
  4. On the back outside piece, center your pocket piece width wise while aligning the bottom edges. Pin in place
  5. Baste down the sides of the slip pocket piece, 1/4 inch from the edge
  6. Sew on straps as listed n the pattern instructions, being sure to cover the raw edges of the slip pocket with the straps 

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