Peek inside my sewing space

A couple of weeks ago I joined a new sewing related Facebook group that I have really been enjoying! Its called Sewing Room Ideas and its entire purpose is to share pictures of sewing rooms, corners, closets, trailers, offices, etc to help inspire other people set up theirs. I have spent hours just scrolling through everyone spaces, from massive to tiny and from meticulously organized to creatively messy. It is my new favorite way to waste a couple of minutes or even a whole hour. So in response to my new past time, I am going to share a few pictures of my own sewing space today. IT is not large, in fact its the small spare bedroom in our two bedroom apartment, and it isn’t meticulously organized but it is functional and it is mine so its perfect to me!

This room is also our storage room / general office which means the closet is packed full of luggage, camping gear, spare bedding for overnight guests, etc.

My desk was a free item picked up at a garage sale many years ago. It was sanded down and repainted but has held up decently well over the years. I love the storage the sides offer but it can be quite difficult to have the two machines working on there at the same time. The chair is from Target, and the mess of cords hanging off of the Ottlite next to the next are actually phone and computer cords, I like to have them close at hand.

The grey tower in the corner has zippers and elastics in the boxes on the top shelf, lingerie making fabrics int he top tan drawer, and batting and batting scraps in the bottom tan box. The white shelf next to it has quilting cottons, both on bolts in the upper section and in the grey totes in the boxes underneath. Nearly all of my apparel fabrics are folded on this white bookshelf I paid $20 for from a thrift site. the bottom right basket has athletic fabrics, in the middle of the bottom shelf if ponte and fabrics I bought specifically for athletic wear for the boy, and the left basket is my “everything else” bucket. The top shelf is all sweater knot and french terry on the left and DBP, rayon spandex, and one stretch velvet on the right. In the brown drawers on top I have all of my picot and bra strap elastics and the mirrored organizer has all of my threads in it. My collapsible work table was made by my dad and nearly always has the dog tucked under it. In the crate on the top shelf I have scraps I use for underthings or doll clothes and in the basket on the bottom I have all of the fabrics I plan on using for my spring capsule wardrobe. The tan basket in the back has clothing items that need to be mended as well as clothing items I plan on cutting up to use for fabric. On the right side of my desk we have a big old recliner, perfect for hand stitching and seam ripping in (especially with the heated blanket I keep on top). Next to that is a cheap target book shelf that I use to store all of my printed PDF patterns, organized by designers in the white magazine holders. The white photo  boxes hold bra making kits and underwire casings. Hanging on the wall is a scrap herring bone quilt and my first ever cross stitched item.

And there you have it! I know it wasn’t the most in-depth tour ever but we hit all of the high points of my sewing space! Do you have a favorite spot in your sewing room? If so I would love to see them!





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