Pinterest Tested: Birch Tree Canvas

I love large scale art. Gallery walls may be trendy but will always love the simplicity of having one big statement piece that takes up an entire wall.

In the apartment right now I have a wall in the living room that features a large, store bought canvas that isn’t very uninspiring. I had been wanting to change it up for a while but never found anything that felt worth the change.

Of course when I had had enough of looking at that outdated canvas I want to Pinterest to find inspiration, like any good millennial would. I love finding DIY project ideas on Pinterest and altering them just slightly to be perfect for my space and was excited to try a large canvas!

Not very long into my search I found a simple birch tree inspired canvas that I fell in love with. It promised a big impact in a short amount of working time, just what I needed!

The tutorial that I based my project off of can be found at the link above so I won’t go into too much detail on the process of making the canvas, but I did learn a few things along the way that I thought I would share with you all.


  1. Press your tape down well! After you think you have presses onto your canvas as tight as it possibly could be, press it down again.
  2. Take your time! After you have all of your trees taped out, remove the tape and paint one “tree” at a time. This allows you to really think through which tape you need to remove at what point to make sure the right tree ends up in front.
  3. Embrace where you messed up! In one of the first trees I attempted to paint I messed up and ended up with a dollop of black paint right in the middle of the trunk. UGH!! I ended up loving the look of that mess up however and went on to add more “mistakes” to every other tree trunk, giving it a great amount of texture.

For my particular canvas I decided to go with a red to yellow faded background to tie in with the current (read: Fall!!) décor that I have in the living room. I used three different paints, all Delta Creative Creamcoat brand, in Maple sugar Tan (yellow), Dark Goldenrod (orange), and Ginger Spice (red) to get the right look.


The whole piece said and done took two hours, cost less than twenty dollars and I am in love with it! Over all I would give this project a ten out of ten! It truly is quick and simple but the custom possibilities are endless!

How would you customize this great, simple idea to make it work for your space?

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