Quilt Block Throw Pillow – Free Sewing Pattern

I love the idea of quilting. I adore the time spent picking the perfect fabrics, comparing endless options, the intricacies of piecing a quilt top, and even the whole process of putting the thing together.  I made a few quilts back before I left for college and have been craving to make another one ever since I got back into sewing. Living in a small apartment however, there really isn’t room for me to spread out and make a full size quilt. When I got the urge to make a new quilt a few days ago the impulsive side of me said to just do it, to take over the entire apartment with half square triangles, batting, and backing but the practical side of me knew that I really do not have the time to commit to a project like that right now.

In an effort to fulfill my urge to quilt while acknowledging the annoying, nagging reasonable part of my brain i came up with the idea of turning a classic quilt block into a throw pillow in the colors that I eventually want to redo my bedroom in. It is a super simple project that utilizes basic quilt piecing techniques to create an interesting throw pillow design. I did not actually quilt the piece however, I wanted to keep it extra soft and snuggly for napping on and rows on rows of thread can take that away, hense the *inspired* in the name. The tutorial for the pattern is included below but you can download a free, printable version of the pattern from my Craftsy store by clicking here.

Quilt Block Inspired Throw Pillow


¼ yard solid colored fabric

2 complimentary colored fat quarters

½” quilt binding (double fold)

½ yard backing fabric (I used a snuggle flannel)

Corresponding color thread

Hand sewing needle

Pillow form or batting for stuffing


  1. Cut eight 4 ½” squares from the solid fabric
  2. Cut four strips of solid fabric, two of each size below.
    1. 2” X 13”
    2. 2” X 18”
  3. Cut four 4 ½” squares from each of the patterned fabrics.
  4. Cut an 18” square from the backing fabric
  5. Press all pieces well


Assembling the quilt block top

  1. Pin each solid colored square to a patterned square, right sides together
  2. Draw a line from one corner of the square to the opposite on each white square, creating a diagonal
  3. Sew a straight line ¼” on either side of the line   almost-a-half-square-triangle
  1. Cut in between the sewn lines, directly on the drawn line, creating two new squares
  2. Press seams on each new square open
  3. Repeat on all eight square pairs. When done you should have sixteen new squares that are each half solid colored and half patterned, with eight new squares having one pattern and eight having the other
  4. Layout the new squares in the pattern you would like them to be once sewn together. Take time to double check your pattern


  1. Begin to sew each row of squares together, starting at the bottom left and sewing the four squares in the bottom row together first. Then sew the four squares in the second row together, and so on until you have all four rows. Press all seams open in between sewing rows
  2. Sew each row together, pressing the seams open


Adding the Border

  1. Sew the two smaller strips of white border on each side (left and right) of the quilt block square. If there is excess length on the white strips once attached, trim to be flush with the quilt block top
  2. Sew the two longer strips of white border on the top and bottom of the quilt block square. The piece should now be square again
  3. Press the finished top piece very well


  1. Lay the finished quilt block piece on top of the backing, right sides together
  2. Baste the two layers together ½” from the edge on three sides of the piece, creating a pocket of sorts. Leave the final side open

Binding the Pillow (I did make my own binding out of extra fabric from the patterned fat quarters, this is not necessary but does add a nice, cohesive look. Instructions for making your own binding are not included below but are easily found online)

  1. Open up your binding and align one raw edge with the edge of your basted squares on the quilt block side. Sew through all three layers (backing, quilt block top, and bindng) in the fold of the binding (1/2” from the edge of the piece) on all three basted sides
  2. On the side that the quilt block top and backing are not basted together sew the binding to just the top and NOT the backing, sewing in the same fold and ½” from the edge. This leaves one side open for stuffing the pillow
  3. Stuff the pillow to your desired fluffiness and firmness
  4. Hand baste the backing on the open side of the pillow to the top layer opposite it, inside the binding closing up the pillowhand-stitching-binding-on-the-quilt-block-pillow
  5. Flip the pillow over and use a blind hand stitch to attach the binding on the back of the pillow, stitching along the line from the sewn binding attachment from the other side

Questions? Email sewuprising@outlook.com

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