Recycled Tea Canister Flower Pots

Anyone else a sucker for great packaging? I end up buying things I probably don’t need because of their beautiful packaging more than I care to admit and these pretty little tea canisters were one of those purchases..

I have more tea than I could probably drink in a life time but that didn’t stop be from buying more when I saw the Harney and Sons Fine Tea company teas in Target. The vintage tin can packaging was just begging to be turned into something pretty for the apartment.

Side note: I loved the actual teas too, the chai was my fav! I plan on getting some more on my next trip to the store.

In all honesty though they sat around in a pile of potential craft supplies for quite a while before I figured out just what I wanted to do with them. It wasn’t until after a trip to the craft store to get supplies for my birch tree canvas project when I was browsing the clearance section and found a premade bridal bouquet on clearance that I thought they would make the perfect little flower pots. The ranunculus and lavender bouquet instantly caught my eye and was only $12. Score! Add in a foam flower block and I knew I had the making of a very unique and pretty DIY.


The process of making the “pots” was deceptively easy and quick, my two favorite things!. Step one was just tearing apart the bouquet and sorting out the flowers. Then I divided the flowers into two groups, one for each canister so I knew how many to put in each.All that was left was then was to cut up the foam block to fit in the canisters (I had a little left over room in each canister but that ended up being okay) and inserting the flowers. I did trim each stem down to about three inched before pushing them into the foam however, this made it much easier!


Over all I would say the project took twenty minutes to complete, not counting the two months it took me to drink the tea, and was well worth the time


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