Sew 101: What you REALLY need to get started

Sewing is a great hobby but it definitely requires a lot of stuff. from fabric to notions no machines, the cost of getting started in sewing can add up QUICKLY if you are not careful and dont have a solid list of the things you really need when you walk into your first fabric store.

So in an effort to make your trip to the store a lot easier, here is a quick list of all of the basics you honestly should pick up before you start your first project, whether your going to be quilting, sewing bags, sewing clothing, or anything else!

It may seem like a lot of different things, which it totally is, and a lot of things that you need up front but try to keep in mind when you are shopping that some of these things, if you put a good amount of thought into up front, you can keep using the items for literal years to come. To this day I still use the pins, machine, and sewing caddy (among other things) that I first bought when I started sewing ten years ago.

Same goes for how much you spend on these items. Somethings, like the iron, ironing board and machine, are worth putting a bit of money into to get quality items (and save a lot of headaches later) but somethings, like the pins/clips and the seam rippers, are things that you can only spend a tiny amount on and still use for years with no troubles.

Some of the items may be more beneficial for certain types of sewing that for others, like the measuring tape that I would consider necessary if you want to start sewing clothing but would be nearly useless if you wanted to only quilt, so take the list and the item placement on the list with a grain of salt and get what you feel would be most useful for you. I also think whether you decide to get pins or clips depends on what type of sewing you are going to be doing, with pins being better than clips for quilting and most bag making but pins being better for most clothing and some bag sewing.

Now I could sit here and talk you through all of the different options for all of the different items but really, neither of us has time for that, right? So instead I will just link to my favorite version of each of those items below and of you have any questions feel free to ask!

Sewing Machine -Iron -Pins/ClipsIroning BoardFabric Scissors Ruler Seam Ripper(s)Thread -Pin Cushion Hand Sewing Needles Extra Machine Needles Storage Container/bin
and, of course…. -Fabric! (fabric will be its own post, coming soon!)

THE EXTRAS (helpful but not 100% necessary)
Self Healing Cutting MatRotary Cutter –Extra Rotary BladesMeasuring Tape Quilting RulersWater Soluble Pen

So what do you think? Are there essential items for the beginner sewist you think I missed? Or better versions of the essential items than I have shared here? I would love to hear them so please share below!

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