Sew how was January?

The first month of the year is always a whirlwind for me! Setting back down after the holidays, trying to get myself back in the gym after a couple of months of not enough time and too many sugar cookies, and the usual work / life balance, all topped off with the fact that Minnesota likes to hang out at or below 20 degrees in January (and usually is under zero for at least half the month, which means limited outside) ends up making me a nervous ball of energy about this time of year!

Which is great for my sewing productivity and bad for my dog (the poor thing just wants to sleep and I keep making him play with me…).  Sew what have I been up to? Well, a lot! 

The biggest projects of the month have definitely been testing the new Made for Mermaids Bridgette and Victoria patterns! I have made a grand total of over twenty items from these two patterns and I still have plans for a bunch more, especially panties! Victoria thongs have been my go to for a quick sew and a great, useful scrap buster. A lot of my sewing time in the last month has been in twenty minute quick little bursts and I have gotten to a point where I can whip out two panties in that amount of time. Which leaves me feeling pretty darn productive! 

The patterns are part of the Lounge and Lace collection from Made for Mermaids and a lot of the rest of my sewing time has been spent sewing up test items for the rest of the collections (which releases in February I believe).

I have managed to sneak in a little selfish sewing with a wearable muslin for the Ginger jeans by closet case patterns and finishing up a new coat form the Lone tree jacket pattern from Indie Sew, both of which I am hoping to share on the blog in the next month!

And just last night I power sewed through half of my fit-sule (my punny name for my active wear capsule) and sewed up three pairs of Peglegs! I played with mesh detailing on one of them and I am loving it! As soon as the matching tops are done (because yes I am that girl that wears matching/coordinating sets to the gym) I will share those as well!

Sneak Peek at my Lone Tree jacket

Typing it all put light that it doesn’t sound like much but I have been spending plenty of time in my sewing room I promise! When I haven’t been sewing I have been reading a plethora of sewing related books (Overdressed and The Curated Closet have been two of favorites over January) and starting to prep and plan for my Spring Summer capsule wardrobe.

I put a lot of work into my capsules to get them just right and honestly I enjoy the prep work just as much as the sewing! (PS I have been toying with the idea of creating a self-sewn focused capsule wardrobe Ebook! There are a lot of capsule resources for RTW capsules but not much for those of us that want to sew our own capsules!)

So far I am still going strong on my commitment to not buy any RTW clothing for the year as well! I haven’t even let myself be tempted into impulse purchasing and it has been absolutely freeing! As I spend more time clearing the clothing I already own however, I am realizing I need to up my accessory game. A lot.

Most of the jewelry I have now is all costume jewelry from fast fashion stores and 90% of them are tarnished, missing stones, or damaged beyond repair. So I would love some suggestions for ethically made, sustainable jewelry from you all if you have any to share! For now the hunt is one!

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