SewCanShe Mini Quilt of the Month – January 2017

I am so excited for this new year and all of the projects it is going to bring! One of the big things on my to-do list this year was to make  a sampler quilt and potentially even follow along with a block if the month type project in the process. I was going to wait until later in the year to accept to accomplish this but, being me, I was way too impatient and was itching to start working on it ASAP.  I am forcing myself to know better than to commit to such a large project while I am still on the hunt for a new job. Instead I am commuting to a series of mini-projects, Mini Quilt’s of the Month!

When SewCanShe’s Mini Quilt of the Month post popped up on my Facebook feed I knew instantly that this would be a great compromise to my uncontrollable desire for a big project and my very real lack of of time. It helped that I had a stack of fat quarters that I had collected on my travels last summer sitting on the top of my stash, just begging to be worked into a project and it was breaking my heart to be letting them just sit there. I am hoping that I will have enough fabric to create most, if not all, of these little beauties throughout the year from that fabric so that I will end with a beautiful, matching set to display in the sewing room that I will one day possess. 

I followed the instructions in the original post over on Sew Can She exactly and my Mini turned out amazing! I worked really hard to make sure all of my points were right on and they all were (up until I got to the binding but SHHH lets just pretend its ALL perfect)! 

I quilted my Mini in large triangles radiating out from the center point at 1/2 inch increments and I really like the simple look it gives. This was my first attempt at machine quilting anything and there was definitely a learning curve to it! My first couple of triangles I ended up taking out and redoing twice because the point kept ending up rounded instead of with the sharp point that I was envisioning.  I used good old trusty painters tape to help me through! 

Over all I would say this little guy took me about four hours to make, from cutting to binding, although I did take quite a few breaks for both snacks and gawking at the Bachelor. I would say it would only take two or three for a person who actually has a functioning attention span to whip up though! I am already looking forward to making next months Mini Quilt!

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