Sewing To-Do list for 2017

I am a serious planner. I love developing a clear plan for what I am doing, where I am going, and how I am going to get there, no matter what my end goal is, whether it is a large scale project or my daily routine. It is a habit I have tried to kick before but now I am just embracing it as one of my many quirks. There is no use fighting who you really are right? So in the spirit of embracing my intense desire to over plan every aspect of my life, I sat down last week and planned the six sewing projects, some still rather vague and some very specific, that I want to accomplish most in 2017, and to help keep myself accountable I wanted to share them all with you too!

  1. A sampler quilt – I haven’t committed to one pattern yet for this task but I really want to work on my quilting skills this year in general and one of the best ways to do that has to be a sampler quilt, right?! This sort of project will be awesome as well, I’m thinking, because it is something I can work on in bits and pieces and that I do not have to commit to having the whole thing going on all at the same time with. UPDATE: I decided to follow along with the SewCanShe monthly mini quilts instead of a sampler quilt, see my first mini quilt and read about my reasoning HERE
  2. A custom designed quilt – after (hopefully) greatly improving my quilting skills with the sampler quilt I cant wait to make up another custom quilt pattern. I made a simple one last year that I love and will hopefully be sharing soon but I want to do something a bit more complicated and intricate for my next design, so far I have no idea where that will take me however.
  3. A sewing machine cover – this is about as basic as I could get in terms of projects but I only have the plastic cover that came with my machine right now and I would really love to have something a bit more functional and pretty. I want the cover to be a display piece when I am not using my sewing machine since the machine is always out on my desk. I am hoping to come up with something really unique for this one, but I am stillwaiting for inspiration to strike! I have this set of random fabrics, sort of seventies, ugly couch inspired, that I am hoping to use for making the cover…but I might also go buy new fabric.. Shhh..
  4. A whole host of work clothes – I am starting my first “Big-Girl” job in about a week and a half and although I have a good range of clothes to start out with, I cant wait to use this as an opportunity to make a small village worth of dresses and work-appropriate tops. I have a few styles on my list (and Pinterest boards), including this beauty, that are first on my to-do list (and, to be honest a pile of fabrics just waiting around as well) but if you have any favorite patterns for some tops I would love to see them. Finding well fitting tops for a busty-girl has been a struggle for me so I would love to have a few go-tos to make a bunch of!
  5.  A briefcase- but a modern, pretty, functional, happy briefcase. Not a stuffy, boring one. I expect to be doing a lot of short distance, business traveling this year and I am going to need a functional (but still pretty!!) way to transport all of my crap. And I have a whole lot of crap. I still haven’t found the perfect pattern for this  bag yet, so I may just end up making my own..
  6. A camera case – I bought the Sew Sweetness camera bag pattern last year and it has been sitting in my to-do list ever since. Right now I am just using the boring, black case that came from my camera and, although it works, I really hate it. It’s ugly. And I am going to fix that.

And that is it! I am sure there will be a whole host of other projects and patterns I will want to make along the way but these are the things, that if I accomplished nothing else in 2017, I would be a happy camper to make. What do you think, did I miss anything that should be on my list? Feel free to share your to-do lists as well so we can all work together to accomplish our goals in 2017!

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