SewUprising Sewing Resolutions, Projects, and Plans for 2017

With 2016 wrapping up, I am so grateful to have gotten back into sewing and to be able to share my love of sewing here on Sew Uprising. If you haven’t read my about page (Which you really should, click “get started” at the top to find it!!) you will know that through most of my time in college I was living in places that had no room for sewing or sewing supplies and I really didn’t even have the time to devote to sewing. Since moving away from my campus this last spring, however I now have a little more wriggle room and sewing room, although not still too much, and it took me no time at all to bring my sewing machine and all of my supplies up to my new home.

Throughout the last six months in my new apartment I have fallen in love with sewing all over again and I am truly excited to see where my sewing journey brings me in 2017! I didn’t even realize how much i missed creating until I was able to sew again. It really is a part of me and I have made so many amazing things in 2016. From bags, to quilts, dresses and home decor items I have had a very productive 2016 (which you will see more of in the upcoming months when I finally get around to photographing my projects.

Of course life always gets crazy and there are no guarantees but there are a couple of tasks and projects for SewUprising specifically that I really want to try to accomplish in 2017, my very own sewing blog resolutions. Hopefully posting them here will help keep me more accountable in the months to come, so here they are, my 2017 plans for SewUprising and my sewing in general!

  1. Rework my sewing storage: When I first moved my supplies there really wast much to move, just a sewing machine and a sewing caddy. It took next to no room and was quick and easy put away. That lasted about two weeks however. My supplies have now spilled over into many different parts of the apartment and they really need some wrangling. It’s gotten so bad that I am taking over the communal space in my apartment and annoying my fiance and roommate. That’s why working on my storage is number one on the to-do list this year!
  2. Making Professional Quality Patterns: One of my favorite things about sewing is making my own patterns and sharing them. Right now I am mainly sharing my patterns on my Craftsy store but I will admit some of my patterns that are hosted there are older or not quite up to snuff. This year I really want to work on updating all of those older patterns and designing a streamlined, professional look for both my older and newer patterns.
  3. Grow SewUprising as a blog and a brand: I put a lot of effort into designing a blog that I really enjoyed the aesthetic of and now I want to spend time creating and publishing quality, inspired content and working to share that content with as many people as possible. I am not quite sure where this will take me yet but as a starting point I am going to try to make sure that every post I put up is well written, helpful, and engaging.
  4. Become a part of the community: The sewing community online is widespread and diverse, which is what makes it so amazing! I spend a lot of time reading other sewing blogs and it was those blogs that inspiored me to start my own. I also know that one of the best ways to connect with other creators is to leave comments on their blog or social media posts but I still find myself reading the blog leaving their pages without leaving a comment.  I really want to get better about leaving thoughtful comments on other blogs and, hopefully, in turn I will start receiving my own and we will all be a littler more connected to the sewing community.

So there they are, the five biggest things I want to work on in 2017 in regards to SewUprising! Here’s hoping that I can accomplish them all and 2017 will be a great year for both me and all of the rest of the sewing community. I have a list of specific projects I want to create as well, including a Christmas quilt, leggings, and a suede dress, that I will be sharing in the upcoming week so check back soon to see what kind of good things will be on the blog throughout 2017!

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