Simple Coupon Organizer FREE Sewing Pattern

Being an adult is hard. And expensive. So, so expensive.

No matter how empty my bank account gets however there are some things, like my wine budget, that I refuse to give up on. I will eat ramen for a week if I can reward myself of Friday night with a great bottle of moscato. So in an effort to continue being able to spend all of my *extra* cash on endless bottles of sweet, sweet wine, I  have become a couponer. I am still learning and I am sure that I will never be good enough at it to become an extreme couponer, but on my last grocery trip I saved about twenty five dollars and I was pretty proud of myself. I mean, that is  three bottles of The Naked Grape Moscato!

And now that I am officially *dedicated* to couponing, I need a place to store all of my coupons that, hopefully, will keep me from dropping them and watching them fly all over the place while standing in the check out line which, yes, did happen. Twice.

I documented the process of making my new, beloved coupon organizer and you can download the FREE pattern from my Craftsy shop at the link below.

The keeper has one main pocket but I created dividers out of card stock to help me sort the coupons within the pouch. I literally just cut squares out of card stock and glued on taps to the top. Simple, quick, easy, and effective. Just my kind of project!

Sidenote: If anyone out there has some tips on how I can get better at this whole coupon thing please, please  let me know! I would love to be able to afford a real meal to go with all that wine!


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