Sew 101: Buying your First Sewing Machine

In the last Sew 101 post we talked about all of the basic things you need to start sewing, the real necessities, because sometimes what the store or a magazine tells you you need really are not the things you really need. I wanted to take a more in depth look, however, into one of the of the biggest “basic” purchases you have to make when you want to start sewing, the machine itself. Picking a sewing machine, especially when you have never or rarely used one before, is daunting, overwhelming, and endlessly frustrating for a lot of people (me included!). But it doesn’t have to be if you know what you should be looking for.

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Sew 101: What you REALLY need to get started

Sewing is a great hobby but it definitely requires a lot of stuff. from fabric to notions no machines, the cost of getting started in sewing can add up QUICKLY if you are not careful and dont have a solid list of the things you really need when you walk into your first fabric store.

So in an effort to make your trip to the store a lot easier, here is a quick list of all of the basics you honestly should pick up before you start your first project, whether your going to be quilting, sewing bags, sewing clothing, or anything else!

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