Work In Progress Wednesday 10.26.16

Do you ever feel like you have a million different projects going on at the same time but none of them ever seem tog et done? That’s where I am right now! I have been so excited about to many different projects lately that I have just started them all without finishing another and it has left me feeling a little overwhelmed….

‘Chew and I have been getting back into watching a couple of TV shows, right now were catching up on both Designated Survivor and Once Upon a Time on ABC, so I have been crocheting more as a way to keep myself and my hands occupied. I am working on a new Northern Winter cowl pattern that I will be sharing soon. Its super chunky and warm but isn’t overly bulky which I have been loving, especially since it hasn’t gotten too cold yet here in Minnesota, were still trucking along in the mid fifties!


By far the biggest project I have going on right now is my quilt pattern design. I managed to finish piecing all of the HSTs a few days ago and they have been sitting in a neat, pretty little pile ever since. I am torn between doing a sew-as-you go method so I can quilt it myself or sending it off to have it machine quilted, which I would prefer, but that’s seeming like it might be out of the budget right now.. I guess until I make a decision the squares will just stay in their little pile!


In my last WIPW I mentioned that I was working on some anthropology inspired pillow shams and I think I may be close to having a tutorial ready to share! I ended up making about three different shams in the process of figuring out just how to make these match the ones on the anthropology website and I think I have it down. I am going to whip up another one just to make sure but here is a sneak peak of that they look like. Check back on Friday to see the whole design process and tutorial!


The last big thing I have been working on is a few new clothing pieces! I grabbed a couple of solid, basics knits the last time I was at the fabric store and they have just been begging to be turned into a new skit and a fun dress! I am thinking that I am going to use The Littlest Studio’s circle skirt and bodice pattern again since they are tried and true staples for me. I am hoping that I will have time to get at least one f them made this week!


That’s all I have going on right now! What have you been up to? I would love to see and hear what Work in Progresses you have on your list so feel free to share below!

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